Joey Unplugged

IMG_20130902_195104_298 You might recall that Joey had issues when his old TV/VCR gave up the ghost. –>

Today he’s back at it, insisting that the replacement, the appropriately bad-guy hued “Black TV” (maybe it should be named “Bart”) is “broken.”

I’ve trekked to his room several times. There’s nothing wrong with the TV. Except that Joey keeps unplugging it.

At least I got the winter dog poop out of the back yard, since we have a day in the high 60s. I finished a finishable task and I beat the winter weather advisory. You know, the one about the winter front that is supposed to get here late Monday and bring snow. For April.

Meanwhile, Joey is on the living room couch, chanting that “The black TV doesn’t work.” Oh, and he’s added a new line, mocking my reaction last time I went and plugged it back in,

“Aw, c’mon.”

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