Time to open some chilled whine

The background: Melissa and I have been eating healthy fare, really sticking to a sensible food plan for about 2 months now. We’ve lost some weight and are feeling more energetic and positive.

Saturdays have been our “free days,” wherein we can enjoy some stuff that’s not on the diet as a reward for sticking with it during the preceeding week.

Today is Saturday. It’s our free day. We discussed going to a fave BBQ place in town for awesome ribs and really bad (in the good sense) side dishes and maybe even some beer.

But it is subzero outside, with snow falling.


Melissa is a good care giving mom. She sees that Joey is a bit tired and looking plenty comfy in the house on this cold day. Why make him go out? “Maybe you (that’s me, Tim) could pick something up and bring it home.”

Cue the tiny violins. I’m whining now. Not ranting, whining.

The fact is, I don’t want to fetch food for folks. I want to sit at a table and have someone fetch it for me. I don’t want to set up or clean a table. We do that all week as care givers, and contrary to all of the gender stereotypes, I do quite a bit of it (and I’m a decent cook and have the best handle on the food plan, so I do much of the cooking, too).

Melissa is 100% right. It will be easier for Joey to stay home and have me bring something in. But I want my respite from the routines of the week.

Wah, wah, wah, sez I.

4 thoughts on “Time to open some chilled whine

  1. Flip for it!
    Kay and I have some of the same issues. It is difficult for her to cook and clean up. I try to help as much as I can, but do not always have the energy. So…..

    • Tonight I just went to the market and got some treats for all. Probably saved money, but had to do a bit of cook ‘n’ clean. You’re so right about the energy… sometimes we both have to just let stuff hang until a better day.

  2. Kay and I try to care for each other. That way, our own problems don’t overwhelm us. At least, most of the time…. There are days!

    • We find that most of the time, if one of us is “down,” the other is “up.” Can’t remember too many times when both of us were overwhelmed… but then maybe the mind erases some of those memories. God bless you both with all you need to care for each other.

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