The Joey Vortex

Cold enough for you?

WeatherAbsolutely cold enough and then some in Sioux Falls. Can’t remember exactly when this hard winter commenced and I sure wish I could see the end from here, but not yet. Here’s a pic of the week in progress, courtesy of a local news outlet.

Those who care for autistic people and various other conditions know the term “sensory issues.” We all have textures and sensations that drive us nuts, but special needs people can take these to, well, special extremes.

In Joey’s case, he doesn’t like anything on his head. No headgear. In subzero weather.

He doesn’t like gloves or mittens, either. In subzero weather.

All we can do is make sure he’s not out in the elements any more than necessary.

Hey, bad parenting is the cause of autism, right? So why not celebrate that by under-dressing the kid in bad weather? Because it’s all about bad parenting, right?

Fear the Joey vortex.

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