Happy 20th!

Joey turned 20 yesterday.

We had friends over to celebrate with him. Well, they celebrated and he kind of did his own thing.

IMG_20140225_175640_235I admire their creative gift, something Joey will really appreciate (he decided he was tired before we really got into opening presents.) Here they are (along with Melissa) displaying a pizza box from a local market. This is Joey’s favorite treat. They each made a little card in the shape of a pizza slice, and there’s a gift certificate for the real item taped to the box.

Thoughtful, personalized gifts mean so much. Autism isn’t about “stuff” – it is about experiences and relationships. Stuff can help mediate that, but simple pleasures, some of which are quite mundane and others of which might seem odd, are a bigger deal.

Warm presence, patience and the personal touch are the best presents Joey gets.

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