Social Story

“Social stories” are mini picture books used to help a special needs person develop behavior or prepare for an event.  You might remember that we used one to help Joey get ready for his brother’s wedding.

I was goofing off a bit today, and started assembling a “Joey board” on Pinterest. You can check it out right here.

As I picked through my picture files on the computer and pinned them on the board (sorry for all the jargon, which I am sure is, like, so ten minutes ago for more savvy internet people), I realized that a “social story” was in view. Except it was Joey, through his pictures, teaching me.

IMG_20130827_173410_224The net impression is, “Dad, I am a happy guy, especially around my family and doubly so around food I enjoy. But don’t put me to work and expect smiles.”IMG_20130817_094812_403

What’s the story unfolding in the life of the person in your care? And what can it teach you?

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