No use cryin’ over…

Well, the milk’s not really spilled. It’s just gone.

As mentioned last time, we’re eating healthier and I’m preparing good meals to have at the ready. Today was to be a low fat, low carb egg bake. The recipe called for some skim milk.

So, I’m up at zero dark thirty making the thing. I’m ready to add the milk.

IMG_20140121_121501_383Here’s what I found >>>

The autistic kid gets up at night to get a drink. That’s not autism – that’s just human. Autism is gunning down the whole quart of milk. Autism is not having the social grace of, say, a typical teenager, who would at least leave a tablespoon or two in the bottom of the jug and say, “Hey, I didn’t drink it all.”

Happy ending: I realized I had some fat free cottage cheese and I used that instead of the milk. It worked just fine.

So I guess I should be glad that autism teaches care givers to adapt and improvise.

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