The Leftovers Monte Cristo Option

Melissa and I are eating healthy after the holidays, a family wedding and assorted other ventures into overindulgence.

Saturday we had the weekly food goof off day, featuring Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Sunday we got back on track, with a very healthy venison roast with lots of veggies in the crock pot.

But Joey isn’t into wild game. So I took the remainder of the cheesy mac, chopped in some ham and then microwaved a fried chicken cutlet to cut up into the mix as well. It was like a Monte Cristo sandwich, except in a bowl. And Joey devoured it.

Which reminds me to ask, how have you navigated the dietary approaches to autism? We’ve heard about the gluten free diet bringing good results, but our experience with imposing that on Joey years ago was that it just made him miserable.

Meanwhile, his favorite foods (like real and nasty pizza) make him happier, more cooperative and better able to function socially. In fact, the promise of favorites on particular days (Saturday is his pizza night, Mexican fast food follows his music therapy, etc.) adds structure to his week and enhance his engagement with other tasks and routines.

Which way have you leaned, food as fix or food as fun? And with what results?

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