The guy at the wedding

We’re still in the blissful fog after our older son’s beautiful wedding day.

A few thoughts on how Joey handled it:

  1. Allies mean so much.  Joey’s day program did a lot of work to help him understand and prepare for the wedding day.  Friends from church came with us as his companions at the ceremony and the reception so we could be Mom and Dad and not just caregivers.  Other friends watched him at home on rehearsal night, so he wouldn’t have to do two confusing outings on successive nights.  And the wonderful young lady who cuts his hair worked him into her busy schedule for a nice trim just ahead of the wedding.
  2. Favorite foods are a winner.  He likes the texture of breads and pastas, and the Bride’s family had a pasta dinner catered for the dinner.  He ate his entree at the reception.  Then he ate mine.  And most of the bread in the table basket.  And he was a happy camper.
  3. Preparation helps.  He’d been told about the suit he would wear, and had tried it on for alterations, and been reminded about it often.  And he wore it without complaining.  Wanted to lose the tie later in the evening, but hey, lots of people do that.
  4. joey in bishops chairIt is a blessing when people roll with whatever.  I think part of this is that the Bride’s side has special needs members, so they totally get Joey.  But even at the church, the ministers smiled and didn’t sweat it when Joey decided to plant himself in a chair normally reserved to the Bishop.  As you see here (sorry about the red eye), Joey assumed a comfortable posture and enjoyed the service from a seat of honor.

The acceptance and courtesy continued at the reception, where Joey was enjoying all of the music but didn’t want to dance.  Several ladies asked, and weren’t upset when he simply turned away instead of saying, “No thanks.”  Folks were tickled by the way he smiled through many of the songs, even when he covered his ears.  He stayed off to the edge of the dance floor, and had a very nice time.

When he got home, he stayed up a bit on his computer, looking up and playing videos of some of the tunes from the reception.

So now the unusual happenings have passed, and Joey is glad for the return of routine.  This is his donut breakfast/pizza dinner day, and he’s settled in to enjoy it.

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