Here comes the bride… or at least the groom’s kid brother

Today Joey’s older brother gets married.

Joey is not into dressing up, but we’re making that happen anyway.

We found one of his brother’s outgrown suits in a closet downstairs. A lady at our church did some alterations (there really wasn’t much it needed), and it will look good. That is, once we can get him into it.

The folks at his day program put together a “social story,” a mini-picture book to help him anticipate and be ready for today. It has pictures of his brother with the bride to be, the church, the reception hall, familiar people he’ll see, and the suit.

IMG_20131216_172509_015Along with that, I’ve had it hanging in view so he has to look at it often. Like a forlorn prisoner looking through the bars at the gallows outside, or like my stack of bills in plain view on the desk for payday, the suit is just inevitable now. There’s no avoiding this rendezvous with destiny.

Wow, I’m talking about Joey getting into the suit with language more appropriate for the wedding itself. The rendezvous with destiny part, not the gallows image.


Wish us well.

3 thoughts on “Here comes the bride… or at least the groom’s kid brother

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