Care giving still stinks, but we’re thankful for…

Feel free to leave a comment here, or over on our Facebook page. Let’s share and celebrate those good things that have come/are coming our way.

Yes, care giving sometimes stinks, and the holidays can pile that on. Some of us wind up working harder on holidays, when schools and community programs are closed and the full weight of special needs is ours to carry 24/7.

But the good stuff happens, too.

This year, I find myself giving thanks for

  • The dedicated and diligent Psychiatrist who
  • hypothesized that our autistic son was far enough along in years that some brain chemistry was settling and
  • tapered him off of Adderall (attention deficit) and Seroquel (sleep), and
  • that the hypothesis was right and
  • not only did Joey suffer no ill effects or setbacks once off of the meds but
  • is cooperating with Melissa on Sundays so she can go to church again and…

Well, that’s a ton of THANKS BE TO GOD from us.  How about you?  Any sweet stuff amid the stinky?  We’ll lift thanks with you,

We will shout for joy at your victory
and triumph in the Name of our God;
may the LORD grant all your requests.
(Psalm 20:5)

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