Driving Mr. Joey

Joey is a censor of radio, music or other amusements in our cars.

“I want it quiet” is his way of saying, “Turn that @^@# off.” (Not down, OFF.) We meekly comply lest his agitation mount. About our best resistance is, “How do you ask?” And then he’ll add the required “Please.” So we still turn off whatever was breaking up the monotony of driving around on the daily errands, of which picking up Joey is one.

We’ve had a couple of successful push back moments, though.

adeleTim got Melissa Adele’s 21 last Christmas, in one of those weak middle aged efforts to seem cool. Melissa likes it, and on one of her pick-up-Joey runs, she was really liking it and was not into “I want it quiet,” even with “please” tacked on.

So she just kept it playing and then started tapping the percussion of Rumour Has It on the dashboard. Lo and behold, Joey started smiling and tapping it with his less emphatic, I-hate-fine-motor-work, elegant fingers. He was in rhythm, no less.

bunker hillTim just finished an 11 disc recording of Bunker Hill by Nathaniel Philbrick. He says it is great but is officially restrained from commenting as he spouts too many spoilers. But that aside, for the couple of weeks it took to get through 11 CDs driving short hops around town, Joey never once said, “I want it quiet.”

Maybe it was the vocal tone or pace of the reader, Chris Sorensen. Maybe it was the lack of music (Joey can be a music snob) or the absence of back and forth chatter from radio personalities. Whatever it was, Tim enjoyed listening to an enthralling history instead of repetitive quotes from old Disney movies.

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