“Sick and Tired”

“Sick and Tired” is a great little book by Kimberly Rae. She’s a chronically ill lady and she shares “Empathy, Encouragement, and Practical Help” for those in the same boat. (The “click to look inside” isn’t operative in the picture here – click on the link above and you can check it out more at Amazon).

sick and tiredEach chapter is a short reflection on some aspect of living with chronic illness.

She writes with great wit. It is a funny read, even though the subject matter doesn’t sound like fun. She’s surprisingly understanding and non-snarky about the less-than-helpful stuff well intentioned people do or say to those in need of on-going care.

As a care giver, I found the book immensely helpful. It gives insight into what those in my care might be thinking, feeling and needing. Her opening chapter, on a long and largely fruitless effort to get a diagnosis for her condition, reminds me that as much as I feel confined by the care giving role, those I care for are trapped by all kinds of stuff that they don’t want, can’t control and in some cases can’t even understand.

I can’t recommend this book enough, both for its intended audience among the chronically ill, and for those who are their care givers.

2 thoughts on ““Sick and Tired”

  1. did you get the book and have you finished it? I’ve gotten back to reading so once your done tell mr wantcha think. love to all & Gods blessings abound!!!

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