Will Color Always Divide Us?

It was a beautiful Labor Day here in Sioux Falls.

Of course that meant a day off from Joey’s day program, and he can get squirrely with nothing to do.

So Melissa and I decided to pack up Joey and our dog, Lily, and head to our town’s wonderful dog park. The canines get to be unleashed to romp and socialize in a fenced but spacious section of one of our riverside parks.

Joey wouldn’t go into the dog area. He spotted a playground with swings and went there. OK, initially; Melissa got a nice bench in the sun from which to watch him, and I took Lily into the dog park. We assumed that after some swing time, he would settle and we could all hang out together with the dogs (of which there were plenty on a beautiful holiday).

But Joey never settled down. He just stayed on the swings, chattering. Melissa had a nice visit with some little girls who were afraid to go on the swings while a full sized human with a goatee was there talking to himself.

Lily had fun in dog land, but we never got to enjoy it as a family.

Oh, yeah. The color issue.

We got home and Joey kept getting in our faces, saying, “Later we will get the white TV.”

IMG_20130902_195104_298This is the white TV. It used to sit in Joey’s room, hooked up to a VCR for his movies. He pushes buttons on TVs and other appliances. A lot. They eventually go bye bye.

It’s sitting in the garage atop a deceased microwave, both of which I should have hauled to the city appliance disposal center long ago. But it is one of those stupid chores I neglect because, frankly, I’m sick of chores and I like to ignore some.

Now, he has a perfectly good TV showing the movies in his room. It’s black. He doesn’t like the black TV. He wants the white TV. Even though we went out and found him the new TV on short notice, and did all the annoying button pushing to make it talk to the VCR, he wants the white TV. Because it is the white TV.

You can imagine my mood after having had the trip to the park altered by Joey’s “special” needs, then being nagged about the white TV for most of the rest of the holiday.

Melissa put it to him straight: “No. The white TV is broken.”

Which is true but with Joey it’s like another colorful discussion, The return of The Norwegian Blue:

3 thoughts on “Will Color Always Divide Us?

  1. I SOOOO appreciate your honesty. Agreed, and you are such amazing parents. Prayers for you continue in your journey. Bless you all.

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