After a while of “writer’s-block,” I am back, with Joey’s help!

It had been a tough weekend for him, as he is beginning to learn about what it is going to be like to live with peers, by occasionally staying overnight in an apartment with some of them. We cannot predict which group home will have an available space on the weekend that he will stay, and so, although he will be living with men when he moves, some of his weekends have women staff and women guests. Last weekend was mostly women. Boring! Joey came home a bit agitated!

Early this week, Tim and I decided to take him to one of his favorite places – Famous Dave’s – a “rib joint” where Tim and I enjoyed spare ribs and Joey ate 2 large cheeseburgers with fries on the side.

IMG_20130827_173410_224Joey was not eating his fries much so I was being a “bad” Mom, and occasionally reached across the table with my fork and took one!

That was until Joey sneezed. Really sneezed. A very large sneeze that gently sprayed his fries with sneezy-stuff! This ended my bad behavior. They were not cheesy-fries, they were sneezy-fries.

It was so cool when Joey ordered a second cheeseburger. We didn’t ask for fries but they brought them anyway. I put the second cheeseburger on his plate but not the fries. He still had his sneezies.

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