Heard the latest gag?

It goes like this:

Joey: (from his room) Gagggghh Gagggghh

Terrified Parent: Joey, are you OK?

J: Gagggghh

TP: (Running into Joey’s room) ARE YOU OK?!?!?

J: Yesst

TP: Do you feel OK?

J: Yesst

TP: Are you sick?

J: Yesst

TP: Does your tummy hurt?

J: Yesst

TP: Does your head hurt?

J: Yesst

TP: Do your adrenal glands hurt?

J: Yesst

TP: Are we in South Dakota or North Dakota?

J: North Dakota

TP: Are we in North Dakota or South Dakota?

J: South Dakota

Communicating with the autistic kid in our care is a challenge, to say the least.

  • He makes sounds of distress but can’t tell us what hurts.  This is especially fun in the emergency room after a seizure and a fall, when the doctors are trying to figure out if he’s suffering any head or internal injuries.
  • He considers answering questions a form of work, so he says “Yes” to get rid of us as quickly as possible.  This is also very helpful to doctors seeking diagnostic information.
  • To an either/or question, he simply answers with whatever we say last, also to get rid of our questions as quickly as possible.

Yet whenever we hear the latest gagging sound, we run in and start asking questions.

So who really has the pervasive developmental disorder?  Mom and Dad don’t seem able to comport our behavior to the realities of our experiences, do we?

2 thoughts on “Heard the latest gag?

  1. James does that same thing when you offer him a choice while questioning, only his is in reverse: he’ll always pick the FIRST option. We’ve made a game out of it: “Are you a big boy, or a little boy?” “Big boy.” “Are you a happy boy, or a sad boy?” “Happy boy.” Can’t fool him with “Are you a good boy or a bad boy,” though; no matter how you switch the order, he’ll ALWAYS say he’s a Good boy!

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