Head exploding in 3…2…1…

bs 004So the bank called to let me know that the check I wrote from our autistic son’s account isn’t funding.

That’s the account into which his Social Security Disability automatically deposits.  Or did until this month.

That’s the account on which dad is the payee so that the funds can be used to support the kid.

Got on the phone to Social Security.  They are saying he’s too old for benefits as a student under his mother’s SSD.  I’m saying that’s not the benefit he was receiving.

I did all the paperwork, including the establishment of legal guardianship and the kid’s own bank account, to have him cared for as a disabled adult in his own right (which is what he is).  That’s why I did the hours of online documentation and sent all of his medical records and releases to Social Security.  That’s why… hell, I’m not going to make myself sick(er) saying this all over again.

Waiting for them to call back.  Unless I go on a crime spree or just wander off into the Badlands.  What I said on Facebook:

On hold with Social Security. Autistic kid’s disability benefit has ceased. They had him down as receiving some kind of “student benefit.” I had done all the paperwork, medical records, etc. for his full disability. Upshot is, there’s a big check bouncing around because the account on which it was written didn’t receive the expected monthly deposit. I’m supposed to turn 55 this week. Might not make it. The season of chaos and stress does not seem to end and it’s going to be enough to make some part of my brain or cardiovascular system blow up.

2 thoughts on “Head exploding in 3…2…1…

  1. Eh, been there too, up here in Canada. They forgot to tell us that the “disabled child” benefit automatically stopped at 18, so 4 months after Emma’s 18th birthday we finally called them to see what was up. We found out we SHOULD have applied for the disabled adult benefit 6 months in advance – thanks for letting us know! Furthermore, they also cut off the supplemental benefit we were getting for her 2 younger brothers, because as we no longer had *3* handicapped children to care for, it was deemed that we didn’t need any special help! Even though the missing third “child” was still living with us, and still being cared for, but had simply crossed over into a different category! Oh, what an awful half year that was until we got all the paperwork processed!

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