Learning to accept autism options

Geez, several weeks since last post.  But I’ve been on a steep learning curve, mostly by field studies here at my house.

I am learning that when it comes to autism, care giving requires flexible application of the life options offered by the person in my care.  A few examples:

The greasy finger condition caused by pizza consumption can be remedied by

a) the damp paper towels provided by the care giver or

b) the autistic person’s own hair.

A bathroom accident, kitchen spill or other environmental hazard warning can be effected

a) verbally, by the autistic person saying something like “Good job clean up the floor” or

b) symbolically, by the autistic person handing the care giver a stick of deodorant.

Soiled clothing can be set aside for cleaning via placement in

a) a bedroom hamper or

b) another room’s waste basket or

c) a drawer full of clean clothes.

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