Ah, those wacky care giving holidays

2013-05-12_14-48-36_856We were giving Melissa a nice Mother’s Day (hey, that’s according to her reviews). Joey signed his card to mom, and seemed connected and actually happy with the goings on.

Even better, his brother fixed what seemed like a hopelessly broken VCR. Everything was going Joey’s way (yeah, even on Mother’s Day we worry more about how the special needs guy is doing).

So (as if you didn’t see this coming), Joey had a big seizure.

We got him into bed and he seemed to be sleeping it off. Then he threw up what seemed like several times his own body weight.

So we spent a good chunk of Mother’s Day at one of our favorite spots:
laundry 003

At least we didn’t have a trip to the ER. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us on Memorial Day.

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