Out-kicking your coverage

Sure, I felt like bringing in a football term in this long, bleak, no-football season.

Of course the joke is on me because “out-kicking your coverage” now means “dating someone waaay too good looking for your mediocre self.” But I’m going to stick with the old football usage for this post.

A178744_000A_1Out-kicking your coverage is about your strength working against you. It is when a place kicker or punter blasts the ball so far that the receiving team has time to field it and set up strong blocking before the kicker’s team can get there to make a tackle. It can result in the other team taking your big ol’ kick back a long way in your direction, maybe even into your end zone for six. (Yeah, I know, I know, I’m desperate for football).

But here comes the care giving part. I gave a sweet lady a ride home from church on Sunday. She’s in her high 90s. Other than some absent mindedness she’s still sharp, with a great wit that lets her goof on people. She’s always well groomed. And, unless she’s going for a very long stroll, she doesn’t bother with her walker… she just goes with her almost-100-year-old legs.

But she lamented how she’s outlived everybody close. Husband, siblings, close friends. She lives in an adult community that has skilled nurses, so she has professional care givers 24/7. But not the folks who’ve shared her decades of life, who have personal, precious memories to laugh about with her, who could live right there in her apartment with her as part of her. None of those care givers remain.

It’s a strange thing to think on. You can be so strong that you “out-kick your coverage.” Like a punter who put in too much leg, you’re suddenly facing the oncoming stuff all alone.

Worries me a bit, I have to say. I’m one of those people who Melissa describes as “hardy.” My health tends to be pretty good, and I don’t have any of the super bad habits that would change that. Heck, I had the obligatory GI scope, and they told me not to bother coming back for another 10 years.

Now that should be awesome news. But after that little Sunday drive, it has me thinking.

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