It’s my party…

Today is Melissa’s birthday.

There’s an art to celebrating birthdays here.  Joey’s take is that any day where one person gets presents should include presents for all.  Christmas is his reference point.

2013-02-25_19-30-47_612Well, actually, Joey is Joey’s reference point.  He’s never protested that everybody else should get presents on his birthday.  He only enforces the “Presents for all!” rule on days when he’s not entitled to a gift.  Like Melissa’s birthday.

“Autism” comes from the Greek root “autos,” or self.  Autistic people not only march to a different drummer, they are the drummer and the drum.  And their relentless thumping can make others move to their beat.

Like much else with our Joey, things improve with age.  Today, he gets a bit grumpy if he’s not getting presents with the actual birthday boy or girl.  Used to be he would melt down and throw things or hit people.  So we’re thankful.

Tonight we’ll meet up with some friends at a hibachi place for Melissa’s birthday dinner.  Joey will be entertained by the theatrics of the playful cook, and will like the food, so it stands to be a good time had by all.

But see how Joey takes over?  It’s Melissa’s birthday, and I’m blogging about our efforts to make it work for Joey.  Ah, care giving.  The party never ends.

Happy birthday, Melissa!

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