Assessing ice storm damage (figuratively, of course)

2013-04-13_16-17-28_95So here we are with iron-gray skies and icicles in mid-April.

But that’s just a care giving subplot.

The real story was our autistic kid dealing with all kinds of storm generated stuff.

  • A power outage for the better part of one day.  No VCR.  No heat as the day wore on.  No light in the bathroom.
  • His computer went down days before the storm.  Despite the valiant efforts of an I.T. friend, it’s a goner.  So even with the power restored, no computer for surfing YouTube.
  • Sioux Falls was hit so hard that Joey’s day program was closed all week.  No paratransit, no program, just a week of cabin fever.2013-04-13_16-17-38_201

The debris in the yard never became our primary concern.  We were worried about how Joey would fare.

Lo and behold, he fared well.  He was bored and fidgety much of the time.  So were we.  He hung out with us, chit chatted, watched videos in lieu of YouTube, and never came near a meltdown or seizure.  He never got aggressive.  Clingy and needy sometimes, but that’s kind of sweet.

On Sunday, his day program held their annual pancake brunch fundraiser.  All three of us went (for Melissa and Joey, their first times out of the house in about a week).  Joey ate his whole stack – neatly.

I.T. guy brought him a rebuilt computer, so YouTube is back on tap.

Joey is complaining because his day program is back in session, but that’s hardly autism.  That’s anybody who complains about another day at school or work.

So on the whole, we are seeing very little of the damage we feared most from the ice storm.  Thanks be to God.

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