What a rip off

And here’s another stinky dang life rip off, courtesy of care giving.

We just had a major winter storm here.  In April.  Yeah, that stinks, but that’s not care giving’s fault.

Ice formed on trees and caused big branches to break off and fall all over the place.  Also stinks, but not care giving’s fault.

2013-04-09_12-29-45_594Here’s what’s care giving’s fault.  I have a reasonably health 19 year old guy in my house.  He’s autistic and he can’t help me with stuff like getting those branches off of my roof, out of my walk way and somewhat clear of my driveway.

Got to do that all by myself.  With a hatchet.  This stuff happens so seldom in the city that I’ve never bothered to buy a chainsaw or other appropriate tool.

I’m tired and sore.  With a physically healthy 19 year old male in my house watching movies.  Isn’t the slave labor of sons one of the rewards of being a dad?

Not in the long winter of care giving, it ain’t.  What a rip off.

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