Gonna pull in some religious symbols today.  Stay with me – it isn’t a sermon.

Many folks around the globe are observing Holy Week, the most significant part of the Christian worship year.

In churches that employ seasonal colors, Holy Week sports a lot of red.

  • It stands for passion, just like the Valentine’s Day heart.  Obviously, the religious connotation is much more than romantic.  For care givers, it is worth reflecting on our commitment to those in our care, the passion that might seem scarce some days but that keeps us steady in giving to their needs.
  • It stands for sacrifice, as it is the color of blood.  We have to draw on something more than familiar affection and reciprocity to be care givers – we have to give when it isn’t recognized or rewarded.
  • It stands for fire, a sign of powerful transformation.  The fire of inspiration, or the fire of refining to burn away impurities until only the most precious stuff remains.  Care giving can burn away some of our established ways of thinking, feeling and acting, replacing them with a whole new approach to living.

For Christians, the week proclaims the passionate commitment of Jesus to his mission, which is to sacrifice himself in love for the life of the world, so that those who receive him can be transformed for new and eternal life.

You can ponder that and, even if you don’t buy it, think about the ways in which his example might refresh and inspire you.  Entertain the idea that your commitment to care giving is a sacred passion, a holy offering and a source of new life.

And if you already believe those things, take a deep breath and give thanks for who you are in the cosmic scheme of things.

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