Care giving is what you do when you have other plans

This is a happy report for the most part.  Friday night, our autistic guy had an overnight in a respite apartment provided by his community program.

It was at a group home where two guys he knows are residents.  So that was a plus.

When I picked him up on Saturday, he was very smiley.  The staff and residents all said it was a good stay and they would love to have him back.  They went out to a movie on Saturday afternoon and he ate his weight in popcorn.

Now, part of the hidden agenda of these respite nights is for Melissa and I to have dates.  Most of our dates are lunches, because we can’t go out in the evenings with Joey home.  We had a big Friday night planned, at a highly regarded Brazilian Grill that has only dinner service – a place we’ve not been able to go.

So what happened?  Well, first and foremost, Joey had a great night, for which we are very thankful.  And

  • Tim got sick.  Tim never gets sick.  But Melissa had to take care of Tim on Friday night.
  • Melissa got sick.  Not with Tim’s bug, but she was down and out on Saturday while Tim was only marginally better.  So we got to take care of each other.

But that’s the care giving life.  Plans get blown up often.  But then rewards come from something other than what you hoped to enjoy – in our case we enjoyed some quiet (if sickly) time together and most of all Joey’s success and happiness at his overnight.

Still gotta get to that Brazilian Grill, though.

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