OK, You Asked For It!

A few of you asked me to post how Joey learned a certain skill, so here it is!

Last Thursday, my husband posted an old ketchup TV commercial to demonstrate “anticipation” and how we are sometimes able to tell our son what will be happening later in the day or even in the week, to help him be calmer and less surprised by events that are not on his regular schedule.

I commented that it was nice when, finally, last week, he was able to tell me that he had to vomit, instead of simply doing so in his bed or all over a piece of furniture and/or his clothing. Someone said “I’d like to see how you write that article!” So, OK, you asked for it! (Please do not run away now! This is just beginning to be funny!)

Once, Joey was stricken with the stomach flu and I saw him begin to become sick, I guided him to the restroom. I had him sit by the commode and I sat next to him. I then acted out the process of being sick, using words such as “blaggggh” and gyrating my head over the commode. I exaggerated all of the things people do when vomiting.

As sick as he was, Joey laughed hard and the laughter continued for several minutes. Although he was physically miserable and did not use the skill of running to the bathroom during that time of illness, he still remembered Mommy’s “act.”

Last Thursday, he was stricken again. We were sitting in the living room, awaiting transportation for his day program when I noticed his eyes were red and partly closed and he was rather still and quiet. I asked him if something hurt. He said, “Yes.” I said “Point to where it hurts.” He pointed to his torso area. I pointed to his head and asked, “Does it hurt here?” He said yes.”

My first impression was the stomach flu.

This impression was confirmed when he said, “I have to go BLAAAAAAAAH, YEACCCCCCH.”

A lesson well-learned. Was that funny to anyone else, or did you just have to be there?

In either case, I will always remember this as a huge triumph for us!

P.S. I think this might be very useful for typical kids as well. They would do well to be reminded that, rather than coming to us to say “Mom/Dad, I think I’m gonna be sick”, to simply make a bee-line for the commode. Or a lined trash can. 😉

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