Care giving won’t give you rock hard abs…

But you can have a concrete back. Which is better than back hair, I think.

I (Tim) went to physical therapy today. I was referred because the ortho-sports clinic couldn’t figure out why I wake up with searing pain between my shoulder blades.

The therapist tried to manipulate the upper spine, and couldn’t get any play out of it at all. “Wow, your muscles are like concrete up there.” Seems like it should be a turn on to have a woman say that, but her intonation didn’t make it sound all that good.

She agreed with my suspicion that this is accumulated stress manifesting in physical problems.

I got some nice electro-stimulation, heat and a bit of an upper back rub out of it. Felt good, certainly. Also, some stretches to do at home.

The evening featured a birthday party with some friends who are raising seven (yeah, 7) kids. The second oldest (19) and youngest (3) celebrate on the same day. It was a blast – even our autistic son was giggling at times. Good medicine.

2013-03-11_19-27-01_223The Sloppy Joes, chips ‘n’ dips, soda, cake and ice cream won’t help with rock hard abs, either. But the sweet people and good time go a long way to relieving concrete back.

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