Tips for heading off stress?

Tim here, with some phantom muscle pain this week.  Been to the ortho clinic, and I have full range of motion, no lack of strength, no evidence of arthritis or disc problems; nothing to explain why I wake up with searing pain in my shoulders.

2013-03-02_11-17-13_925I was visiting with a wise older lady on Friday, and she raised her eyebrows and said, “Do you think it’s stress?”

Could well be.

Now, I know all kinds of ways to relieve stress when it’s present – exercise, for example.

But do any of you have good ideas for heading it off before it arrives? Before it can settle in and start using my body as a late night party house?

Lots of folks I know suggest shutting off the news. That’s certainly one method, and as much of a public events junkie as I am, I find myself tuning the headlines out more and more.

Others ideas? I’m all ears. So say something before I get stressed out by your silence.

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