A painful confession

2013-02-25_17-56-38_992OK, we admit it.  Sometimes, care giving doesn’t stink. It can be lots of fun and surpassing sweet.

Tonight we celebrated Joey’s 19th big ol’ autistic birthday.  The party was fun… I think we feel as pleased as if we’d had a night out.


A church couple and two sisters who’ve watched Joey for us came over to honor him and share fun and food.  These are folks that Joey asks about from time to time, and you could see the wheels in his head turn pleasantly when we told him they would be here.


Of course the real deal for Joey was PRESENTS.  He was relatively patient with all of our socializing but he was really waiting for the gifts – an array of requested videos – to appear for his viewing pleasure.  In his room.  Sans guests.


But first Melissa inflicted our own version of Zero Dark Joey.  She made him read the cards that people had created and sent for him.

Darned if he didn’t actually do some decent sight reading.

2013-02-25_19-30-47_612Yes, he liked his videos best of all.  I peeked in on him as the guests were leaving and he was in front of the old TV and VCR, grinning and enjoying the haul of presents.

His joy is a precious gift to us.

3 thoughts on “A painful confession

  1. I got Sarah a new coat recently. Getting a coat on and then off again later can be a real challenge. Sarah fights it both directions. But her new coat is exciting. She can’t wait to get it on, and absolutely refuses to take it off. At least one way will be easy for a while. And yeah, she is sweet to the nth degree.

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