Birthday shop ’til you drop

Joey is hit-and-miss when it comes to shopping. Sometimes he’s great in a store. Other times he’s bored while we’re in the parking lot and it’s an exercise in futility. So we do mostly online shopping for him.

As birthday or holiday approaches, we ask him what he wants, which is invariably a movie. On VHS. DVD is too much fine motor work to hold and handle.

Raising Joey expanded our vocabulary with many fine words. One is “perseverate,” defined by Webster’s as “continuation of something (as repetition of a word) usually to an exceptional degree or beyond a desired point.” So we usually order whatever movie Joey has been talking about “to an exceptional degree or beyond a desired point.”

Sometimes he complicates this. He doesn’t name a movie title, but he wants the VHS with “red heart” in the previews. Sometimes we guess what these are, most times not.

Once he’s opened whatever new videos we’ve wrapped for him, he starts perseverating about some other one. Sometimes he starts the change over on the day before the party. Or the hour before. And he can be mightily disappointed that we don’t have the right movie on hand.

But we get the last laugh. His birthday is in February, so when he starts his post-party perseveration, we get to smile and chirp (in a lovely harmony developed over years of practice), “Presents are not until CHRISTMAS!” Which we say all summer, so we often add “…and Christmas will come after it gets cold out and the leaves fall off of the trees and the snow comes back and…” Well, you get the idea. We go to an exceptional degree and beyond a desired point. Heh heh heh.

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