Hard to believe after my blog run of pity parties, meltdowns, dirges and melodramas, but I’m here to report that Melissa, Joey and I all got out of jail and lived life differently, at least last Saturday.

Joey had a respite night in a staffed apartment provided by his community based program. He was a bit dubious of the idea, and it took some patient work to get him to go, but the staff tell us he did very well. He was grumpy with us on Monday morning, but he’s like that with most changes of routine. He was back to his sweeter self by Monday night.

Jan 19 sudan eventMelissa and I went out to dinner. We attended a fun fundraiser for a cause we support, and stayed ’til midnight. We were able to laugh, enjoy a Bluegrass band, socialize, and do some good for the world.

Then we went to an open-’til-2 a.m. pub, to have their “Celtic Cider” (hot apple cider with a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey) on a freezing night. It was a people watching hoot. The bar had an “80s Ski Party” theme, with music from that decade and revelers in horrific neon ski clothes. So we got to roll our eyes about 20ish women cramming cellulite into spandex and enjoy the fun of just hanging out to an irresponsible hour because we could.

We talked about how long it’s been since we had any span of time with that kind of freedom. It was welcome and, even though I’m still feeling sleep deprived, we’re both still smiling about it.

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