We’re coming out from under this last hellish week.

Melissa is feeling better, but certainly not 100%.

Joey is glad to have her back in his morning routines. In the living room, waiting for his paratransit bus, he said, “Hi, Mom, how are you?” He said it with a tone like our cat’s meow when we’ve been away. It conveys, “OK, glad you’re back, but don’t take off like that again.” Autistic people can do wonders with inflection.

2013-01-09_18-49-34_493He’s definitely glad to get his version of normal back. He was pretty tired of 24/7 dad. And dad was just plain tired.

Thanks for your prayers and kind, encouraging words. They mean a lot.

Send ’em up on a regular basis, because weeks like this last one are a regular feature of giving and receiving care at home.

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