Merry Christmas, Care Givers

2012-12-21_19-09-59_268 We are old school – we leave the manger empty until Christmas, then put the baby Jesus in. Often, we have our son do the honors. Some years, he’s not in the mood. Jesus still arrives.

As we look at the manger this year, we notice how the care givers stand there at the ready. That’s probably your stance this Christmas Day; it’s really a day like most others for care givers. You stand by to take care of those that life has placed in your care.

If you’re a church goer you know that it is in vogue for preachers to get all stuffy at Christmas, explaining the Greek words and letting you know that it wasn’t really a barn but something more like an attached garage.

But we’re OK with the barn symbolism. Barns can be cozy but also stinky. And care givers will probably have some of both on this holiday.

We pray that God blesses you with more of the cozy, and that he sends you every inner gift you need to deal with the stinky. Today and every care giving day.

Your visits and thoughts at our blog are a blessing to us. Thank you so much.

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