The Workplace: Help or Humbug?

My guess is that care givers are a mixed lot in the workplace.

On the one hand, there are some positives we bring:

+ We are accustomed to offering dedicated work in demanding situations.

+ We can are motivated in a strange way. We sometimes like coming to work, because it can be a bit of order in our lives. At the office or shop, we can see tasks through from start to finish, a nice break from the loose ends and frequent failures of our care giving.

On the other hand, there are some downsides:

– We get called out for emergencies a lot.

– We can come in with frayed nerves and be hypersensitive some days.

Some of you must have more (+) and (-) examples to share. Our perspective is somewhat strange, because we’ve been both “boss” (at least on the org chart) and burger flipper in our work lives. We’ve greatly appreciated those who have been flexible and supportive with the extra demands that care giving places on our time, energy and attention in the workplace. Compassionate supervisors, coworkers and employees are a blessing.

Then again, your workplace might leave something to be desired:

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