Usually “Whodunit?” stories center on the hunt for a bad guy. But ’round here there’s a good guy hiding out.

2012-12-18_05-30-38_820It’s snowing in Sioux Falls. Pretty light and gentle, but enough for the “clear your sidewalks” law to kick in.

One of the neighbors keeps clearing the sidewalk in front of our place. Sometimes, when the snow is heavier, I’ll come home to find my driveway cleared as well.

2012-12-18_05-24-44_520I have my suspicions. But I like to leave it a mystery. Kind of magical, really, like angels or elves come and do it when I’m sleeping.

Anyway, the point is that gestures like this make a care giver’s day. In those moments when care giving stinks, some task taken off of the pile feels like found money or a love note.

So if you know a care giver, put on your black ski mask and slink around when nobody’s looking. Be the “who” that “dunit.” You’ll be a blessing.

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