“NUMber TEN!!!!!”

Joey’s always liked music. There was a CD we had when he was small, very assertive and easily frustrated. Can’t remember which one it was, but it gave us another of our decoder ring experiences:

Joey would go around bellowing “NUMber TEN!!!!!” We finally figured out that he could read the… uh… just what were those brittle plastic things that CDs came in? Anyway, he could read the paper insert (before prying it out and mangling it), and he knew that track #10 was his favorite song on that CD.

OK, back to the present. I ran into one of our blog’s followers this evening. She said, “Sometimes I start to read something you’ve written, and I think, ‘Yeah, I know just what that’s all about.'”

name that tuneHer comment reminded me of the old TV game show, Name That Tune, which lo and behold now exists in an online version. Contestants would make a wager, something like, “I can name that tune in three notes.” Three notes would then play, and the player would attempt to guess the song.

And then there’s that joke about a planet on which all jokes are assigned a number. All someone has to do is call one out – “Fifty five!” – and their fellow space creatures start cracking up.

There are so many experiences and emotions that care givers share. Our blogging dials those up, sometimes intentionally, sometimes accidentally. Our hope is that this creates an affirmation, by which other care givers know they are not alone or crazy or just doing it wrong or some combination of those things. We’ve all got these situations that could be assigned numbers for rapid empathy:

“Oh, man, what you’re going through is so #15!”

“Yep, so glad you got past that #747 last week and are here for us today.”

We also hope that some of you who aren’t caregivers will visit now and again, and that these experiences we share will open your perspective on the care givers you know. Really, we’re not crazy loners who do stuff wrong. After all, how many of you would know how to respond to “NUMber TEN!!!!!” ?

4 thoughts on ““NUMber TEN!!!!!”

  1. When I worked at the Liberty Center (2005-07) with your son who has autism, we had similar experiences to the “NUMber TEN”. The things I remember:
    –“I don’t wanna die!” (from Charlotte’s Web). It’s a little unsettling to have a 13-year-old boy walk around repeating that line on a daily basis, but we got used to it 🙂
    –“Annie box!” (He didn’t watch the movie, but he carried around the box as a “fidget.”)
    –The most puzzling was when he would sit right in front of the TV and and smack the screen repeatedly with the palms of his hands, almost in a pattern. We finally figured it out: the opening sequence of Fern Gully has a motif of hands go across the screen, and he would watch that part on loop.

  2. Emma used to whine “I don’t wanna die!” too. And in times of high emotion, Thomas would declaim, “Charlotte…? Charlotte…? CHARLOTTE!!!” All from “Charlotte’s Web”. I never watched “Name That Tune”, but I loved the SCTV takeoff on it, “Dat’s Da Name Of Dat Tune”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca-OMopEiyA I guess this is what would be called a mashup today – Robert Blake’s Baretta combined with a game show.

    • Wanda – Joey used to do the “Charlotte…? Charlotte…? CHARLOTTE!!!” too. It was like pointing at one of those charts with different facial expressions to indicate emotion… he understood that Wilbur was agitated in that scene.

      LOL likes for the video. Mashup indeed!

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