The struggle to have “home”

This evening had potential to be homey. I had some time off, and Melissa and I did some Christmas gift shopping. We had beer and appetizers at a sports bar that just opened nearby.

Joey’s had his bath, the dog’s been out, and we even have a fire going, which is quite delicious with temps outside dipping into the teens.

Time to sit back and enjoy the quiet. But Joey isn’t falling asleep.

He’s wide awake in his room. No rhyme or reason, although some of what he’s expressing over and over is holiday excitement. “Soon there will be PRESents. Soon there will be PRESents.” But this is just one part of his verbal symphony. There’s running repetition of movie ads and recitation of things he heard others say during the day, all weaving in and out.

“Disney’s CLASSic collection. Disney’s CLASSic collection. ‘JOE-ee, we already did that. JOE-ee, we already did that.’ Soon there will be PRESents…”

Care giving can take out the simple things that make life gentler and sweeter. You can’t just sit by your fire, relaxed and satisfied that they day’s labors are done. New chores line up in the shadows, in the restless voice down the hall, in the floor and walls of what should be a place of refuge and rest.

4 thoughts on “The struggle to have “home”

  1. The voice from the bedroom down the hall usually is screaming, “Mom.” No reason. She tells me “right back,” when I check on her(Sarah speak for go way). But “Mom” will go on for 15 or 20 minutes before sleep takes over…for one of us.

  2. And, Darlene, around the edges of all that is the chance that there just may be an emergency for which we will be negligent if we don’t jump up just that one time. If we could just climb into their heads and understand exactly what they’re thinking and what we can do to help.

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