Routine or Not Routine?

It is Thanksgiving weekend and the routine has changed. Or has it?

For our son, who has a very good long-term memory, it is the 19th time we have spent the day in the kitchen, stirring, chopping, popping our heads inside the oven every 15 minutes. The smells are the same. Everybody is home. The laughter is the same. We are very busy, yet moving at a relaxed pace.

Everyone chooses their favorite dishes. For our autistic son, it is cornbread casserole. Later it will be vanilla ice cream. This is very routine!

Friday comes and Mom begins playing her favorite music for the season, in particular, Elisabeth Von Trapp’s album, A Christmas Song. Mom sings along, as she has done for over 10 years. For the first time, however, Joey comes in and sits with her, quietly waving his “fidget” in front of his face. Then he stands up behind her and tries to sing with her as she harmonizes Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace) with the artist. This is new. This is a first!

I was deeply moved and kept on singing as he tried to pronounce the words and sing my part with me. A new routine has begun!

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