And another reason to give thanks…

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We are thankful for all who’ve taken a look at our blog, and grateful for the ways in which you’ve encouraged us and moved us to think and write more about care giving. May God bring unexpected blessings into your days.

One thing for which care givers can be thankful is the way those in our care create and prolong some of life’s sweet routines.

“What? I thought you guys said the routines stink.”

Well, yes, they do. But in with the stinky stuff is sweet stuff.

As much as care givers want a special needs kid to progress and lead a full life, some childlike things linger. A typically grown up kid would be (rightly) mortified if mom and dad trotted out the kid’s elementary school artwork for the holidays. But taking care of a special needs kid means it is OK to use arts and crafts, old and new, to enhance the holiday fun.

Those in our care stay close. Too close for comfort some days, but at the holidays right there with us, year in, year out, while the rest of the world moves on. And there’s a sweetness about that for which we can be thankful.

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