You First

Alas, another morning when we were going “off-schedule.” We were taking our son to a new doctor. He would not be going on his fun bus ride to his fun morning routine. We explained the change in agenda to him that morning and we were amazed that he appeared fine with it! He was more interested in talking about his Saturday pizza dinner than anything else! (Who was this man and what did he do with our Joey?) It was too good to be true.

Then there was the doctor visit. Joey walked in to the office from the car without resisting. He waited patiently to be called in. He cooperated with the nurse while she asked questions and took vitals. He paid attention to the new doctor and answered questions. He did not become “weak in the knees” and come close to a seizure. He showed a sense of humor and when asked to sit down, he sat on his heels in the corner instead of in the chair and laughed . We all laughed and then he moved over to the chair. Everything that almost always went wrong did not go wrong.

However…God does have a huge sense of humor. In Joey’s younger years, our watch on him was very close. We either carried him or held his hand everywhere we went. Now that he is older, we “keep an eye on him.” Well, so we think. After the successful visit to the doctor, we entered the elevator to go to a different floor for the blood work. Tim and I exited the elevator to find, only after the elevator door had closed, that Joey was not there!

Fear and panic struck me. I was immediately grateful that we both had cell phones. I stayed behind. Tim boarded the same elevator and went to the ground floor. He found Joey wandering around there. Joey exited onto the floor that he recognized as the floor we had entered upon when we arrived.

Next time we take an elevator with Joey, it’s “You first” when it is time to exit!

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