Good help is hard to find

So two fails this week.

We’re just underway with a new respite provider. We are so grateful to have funds available for folks who can watch our son while we get some time to NOT CARE GIVE.

Anyway, we were planning to go out for a fun evening at a friend’s house. I had to get time off from my second job to open up the evening. Took care of that. All looking good – new respite provider seemed enthused to get started.

And then…

Melissa gets an email from her, basically, “Oh, wow, so sorry, I can’t come on that night. I have to work that night and didn’t see it on my calendar.”

We have a friend who hangs with Joey at church, which makes it possible for us to be there without spending the whole time, you know, CARE GIVING. Our son isn’t one to just go sit cooperatively through a service. His older brother used to be the “policeman,” keeping him in the pew and not too loud, but now that his big brother is at college this other gent stepped forward to take over, and has been a great help for several months.

And then…

Last Sunday Melissa volunteered to host the refreshments after the service. We’re downstairs having a nice time and visiting with folks, when she notices the guy… but no Joey.`

We figured Joey was just following him in from the hallway, but then the guy starts chatting with people and playing something he found amusing on his smartphone. So Melissa speaks up:

“Where’s Joey?”

“I don’t know. I think he’s hanging around outside.”

“I guess I’d better go,” said Melissa with as much calm as she could muster, leaving the celebration to do a parking lot search and rescue mission. Joey was fine – other kids were around so he wasn’t all alone – but our nerves? Not so good.

It means a bunch when folks offer or accept a request to help out. The anticipation of a respite day or night brightens our lives. But the disappointment when it doesn’t happen makes us leery of even trying to arrange another break. It leaves us frustrated with our situation (like that needs any extra agitation) and feeling like a couple of annoying flies buzzing around a busy world’s head.

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