Special Sunday Morning Sucks Edition!

So I’m up having breakfast before 6, because I’m going off to work this a.m.  Already have a load of laundry going, courtesy of the autistic kid, who is sleeping on the couch.

Make that was sleeping.  He walks in and plops down a bag with a couple of donuts in it.  I try to express, “Just a minute while I finish my breakfast,” but he’s not down with that.  His anxiety starts rising.  A riot is about to break out.

So I pull out his donut.  Scowling, he pushes it away and points at the bag.  He wants the other ^@(**% donut – it’s the exact same kind as the one on the plate but he wants the one in the bag.

OK, make the switch.  Donut and meds are down.

I go in the laundry room to switch the load from washer to dryer.  When I get back, it seems he’s finished his drink, taken mine and sucked that down, too.  And left a nice trail of donut crumbs and sugar.

Guess I should get the broom but I think I’ll let the dog handle that mess.  I have a split shift day; I’ll work this morning then go back in the evening.  New equipment going in to use so it will be a day to put up with glitches and griping people.  In the afternoon a couple wants to visit – their accustomed style is to ask to get together and then not show up.

See prior post, Tim.  Breathe.  Pray.  Take in something good before this day sucks you dry.

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