The IEP (part 2)

There is no doubt that if we had had the money, our son would have received far better services.  We would have been able to pay for what he needed out of our own pocket – therapists to “shadow” him at school, redirecting him when he jumped out of his chair and grabbed things from around the room and throwing them, therapists for occupational, speech and physical therapy, and help at home so that we could sleep through the night.

It was a mess.  If the witness to our son’s behavior was a parent, they dared not report it because it could result in less help for their own child(ren).  If the witness was a therapist, the likelihood of that therapist being allowed to work in any school in that district would become slim and thus not only strip them of their job but hurt the students that they were currently helping.  Also, the private business that the therapist worked for would likely be “black-listed” by the district.  It was a “lose-lose”.

We are glad that our son is no longer in high school.  Of concern now, is that our son needs placement in a well-run residence. He is almost 19 years old.  An organized schedule with a trained staff would be in his best interest, although we will miss him terribly when this eventually happens.  But financing of his day is still up to the school district representative.

While it is true that our son needs placement in residence, we have heard in the past that the school district says that they are responsible only for what happens during the day and that whatever problems we have after that are not their concern.  The choices of where we could place him to live while we wait for the proper placement are dismal.  Our son’s doctors have tried to communicate his need for residential care to the proper people.

Please note that we are not arguing the on-going issue of whether the school district needs more money or whether the money they currently have is being mis-directed.  That is another subject entirely.

It is  not any easier for our son to spend long periods at home than it is for us.  So, we keep ourselves busy with many things, as Thursday is 2 days away…

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