I got care gived

Over the weekend I was able to enjoy significant rest from care giving.  I was able to go on a retreat with some men from our church.  Good conversation, fishing, hunting and Sunday morning prayer in a serene location with gorgeous autumn weather.

It was more than just getting away from my routines.  All kinds of other folks became my care givers.  I wasn’t called on to do any cooking – meals were set before me.  I don’t own any fishing gear – guys lent me theirs and coached me on how to use techniques that were new to me.

Then there were care givers from heaven and nature.  God took care of me via the quiet and beauty that abounded.  Coyotes serenaded me one prolifically starry night.  One guy’s hunting dog took to playing with me and even tried to snuggle in my sleeping bag.  Lots of fish hit my line – no keepers, but catch and release was fun.  We were after Walleye and Northern Pike – feisty when hooked and satisfying to reel in.

2 lb. Northern with goofy respite enjoying care giver. Yes, I let him go.

So who took care of the kid at home?  Melissa, of course.  She was my care giver as well as his.

As a care giver, I’m blessed to be part of a tag team.  As you might have read in Tuesday’s post, Melissa didn’t have peace and quiet.  She stepped in to handle all the emotionally draining work so I could rest and refresh.

When I got home on Sunday night, she kept asking, “Did you see the bright orange leaves on the tree out front?”

“Of course not.  My eyes don’t do color well even in the daytime.”

“You should try and see it.”

“In the morning, OK?”

When I took our dog out on Monday morning, I got a look at the fall foliage – then realized  that all of the front yard plants were trimmed back for winter.  Melissa had arranged a yard service to come and do an annual chore that usually wipes out all of a Saturday, not to mention my back.  Talk about major care giving.  She really came through for me.

Even that tangled mess you see on our blog’s masthead is cut back and cleaned up.  I won’t change the picture, because now it reminds me of much more than the out of control mess that care giving can become.  It reminds me that care givers can get “care gived,” too.  We are blessed by the generosity of others.

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