A Reminder – They’re Still “Just Kids!”

Sometimes we can laugh at a behavior because “all kids do that.”

We have friends that have no “neuro-typical” children. Once couple has 3 autistic boys. When the wife and I would talk she would describe a behavior of one or more boys and I would find myself telling her that our son who does not have autism did the same thing.


It was to be an exciting evening. In fact it was an exciting evening, sprinkled with the unexpected! Our son was about 4 years-old.

For our anniversary, we were renewing our vows, as we do yearly. However, this time, we invited the church members to join us and renew theirs with us. Our new Bishop was to attend and preside. Prior to the ceremony, the Bishop and his wife came to our home for dinner.

We hoped that our son would not have one of his wild temper-tantrums, aka, “melt-downs.” We were treated to something different and surprising as “dinner theater” began at  dessert time. Our little son decided to undress from the waist-down and enter the dining room to look at us. As we were “dying a thousand deaths” the Bishop and his wife looked at him, then at us. It was one of those “we’re-frozen-this-is-not-really-happening” moments. One of us dashed from the table to rescue ourselves from further embarrassment.

But guess what? Not only did the dinner turn out well, but the Bishop insisted that I get out of the way while he washed the dishes!

We were fairly confident that things would go smoothly afterwards (oh how naive we can be when we are new at this)! We made to to the church, dashing in and managing to keep dry in the pouring rain. Rather than holding my husband’s hand, however, we renewed our vows with me holding our little guy, sound asleep, in my arms.


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