Labor Day holiday – Is it really a break? (Part 3)

After the holiday break, our son awakens earlier than usual.  He remembers last evening’s preparations for a “regular day.”  He is cheerful and enjoys his breakfast and usual other morning routines.  He practically skips down the driveway to his bus.

However, a domino effect hits at his program.  As the program resumes, the staff sees that the special needs folks are still a bit out of sorts.  The teachers and staff have to start from scratch, rebuilding the routines.

When we previewed this holiday havoc topic over on our Facebook page, a friend who is a teacher commented,

“Post-holidays are tough for us teachers, too, as students may be impacted longer than expected by routine disruptions. Every Monday at our residential school is a little chaotic.”

We are breathing a sigh of relief, back to our normal routines at home and work.  The “break” is now beginning for us!  But it will be a few days before it is the same for our son and his program staff.

How was your Labor Day weekend?  How’s the aftermath?

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