When a Care Giver is Priceless!

A friend of ours received a letter from someone who had been an aide in their child’s class throughout high school.  In response to a thank-you card sent from the family, the aide wrote:

“I just wanted to let you know I received the card and to see how Alex [not the student’s actual name] was doing.

“My past years at Alex’s school have been the best ‘working’ years of my life.  I now understand when someone talks about a ‘calling’ they have and the need to pursue that calling.

“Working with students has brought such meaning to my life and a tremendous appreciation that I am able to share in their daily discoveries.

“It can come as no surprise to you that I have developed a deep affection for Alex, who was truly a joy to work with and made every school day a truly ‘special’ day.  I enjoyed every day I spent with Alex… The ability to transition to an adult program is a testament to Alex… a remarkable young person that I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to have in my life.  Alex made tremendous strides at school… participating in classes, interacting with the other students and staff and achieving some independence.  I enjoyed Alex’s sense of humor… such a tease when the mood would strike, but would always end with ‘I just kidding, I just kidding.’

“I hope… the new program is a wonderful experience… I would love to keep in contact.  My phone number is… My address is…

“I hope all is well with you and the family… if you were ever to need anything from me – feel free to call.   I miss and think about Alex every day – please let Alex know for me!  I promise to keep in touch.

“Take care,

“I will never forget Alex.”

Have you been blessed with a care giver, at home or at school, who has been such a gift?

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