Inadequacy: Care Givers and Greener Grass

You might be wondering, “What is up with that picture at the top of the page?”

Long story short, Tim shot the picture of our unused, overgrown dog run and drought stricken backyard.  Melissa noticed the perfectly trimmed and evenly green grass over the fence in our neighbor’s yard.  And our thoughts turned to care giving…

Many if not all care givers suffer from a sense of inadequacy.  So often we assume that we are not doing enough.  Or doing well enough.  Or that everybody else is doing enough for those in their care and is doing it well.  We gaze at our little corner of failure and assume that just beyond our wretched border are care givers worthy of gleaming Facebook pages and TV movies about their heroics.

The reality is that they are somewhere we can’t see, gazing at their little corner of perceived failure.  The terminally ill die.  The chronically ill stay sick.  The people with special needs don’t progress or when they do they regress.

Our work cannot be measured in the usual outward signs of success.

We do the right thing at the right time, even when the results don’t stick.  Our successes are not like the pride of a perfectly maintained lawn. We’re more like the sweet aroma of the few moments after it rains.

2 thoughts on “Inadequacy: Care Givers and Greener Grass

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